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2020 Atlas Orthogonal Humanitarian of the Year

It is with great pleasure that Dr. Louis Vita accepted the prestigious award of 2020 Atlas Orthogonal Humanitarian of the Year.

It has been Dr. Vita's distinct pleasure and honor to be extensively involved with the advancement of Atlas Orthogonal treatment and its correlation with TMJ treatment protocols. He comments, "The most important benefit has been and continues to be helping patients receive beneficial treatment that betters their lives and treats the cause of their problems rather than simply treating the symptoms." Dr. Vita has worked side by side with Dr. Angelo Colavita, Atlas Orthogonal Specialist, for the past 15 years to accomplish these goals.

Dr. Vita states, "I knew the revolutionary Atlas Orthogonal treatment, born out of the invention, research and development of Dr. Roy Sweat was invaluable for patients who suffer from head, neck and facial pain. It became apparent that many of our patients who present with TMJ problems have contributing issues with atlas misalignment." Thousands of patients over the years have been successfully treated in the Vita Head, Neck and Facial Pain Relief Center by combining the therapies of TMJ and Atlas Orthogonal treatments to significantly and positively affect their lives.

Dr. Vita counts it a privilege to share in this work which allows our patients to thrive.

Congratulatory notes from colleagues and patients:

"Wow Lou! Congratulations! You have taught me so much about AO and the relationship of neck and TMJ that I think of you often. You have helped not only me, but also innumerable patients that I have referred to AO because of your influence. They talk about standing on the shoulders of giants, and you sir are a giant! Thanks for your instruction and congrats!" Dr. T.H.

"CONGRATULATIONS LOU!!! So well deserved. I am so grateful you introduced me as well as our study club to the concepts of Atlas Orthogonal. I have been able to share this with so many thank you so very much. You truly are the Humanitarian of the Year!!!! Well deserved. You have inspired me and that is so very noble. You have improved so many people's lives. Well done my friend." Dr. M.C.

"That's a terrific honor, Lou! Congratulations! Thank you for your contribution to such a misunderstood and under diagnosed disease. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work so closely with you and your patients. It sure feels good to give patients hope and then see it come to fruition." J.P.

"Congratulations, Lou. You are very deserving of recognition for helping all of us." Dr. E.A.

"Congratulations on an honor well deserved! I am very grateful for what you have taught me about upper cervical spine issues..." Dr. J.M.K.

"Congratulations and thank you for the help you have given me." L.L.

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