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Picasso Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

A Laser for Precise Cutting and Sterilization, Resulting in Improved Results and Healing

Dr. Vita uses the latest laser technology, a Picasso Diode Laser, to ensure that soft-tissue procedures are fast and pain-free. From cosmetic procedures to reduce gum tissue to controlling bleeding so that we can get better impressions for bridges and crowns, this new tool helps Dr. Vita provide you with care that is pain free and less likely to require anesthetic.

Our office utilizes diode laser for periodontal, endodontic and dental surgery procedures. The laser provides for precision cutting of gum tissue with less trauma and bleeding at the treated site, thus improving healing and promoting faster recovery time for you.

To treat periodontal disease, Diode laser can be used for the removal of diseased, infected, inflamed and necrotic soft tissue in the periodontal pocket to improve periodontal health. We also use this laser for a number of soft tissue applications such as:

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