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Dr. Vita Uses Icon Drill-Less Filling

Did you know that the white spots on your teeth are actually a sign of tooth decay? Dr. Vita offers an innovative treatment for white spots on teeth using the Icon technology.

Dr. Vita is excited to offer the Icon Drill-less filling technology. The Icon treatment is ideal for patients who are in the early stages of teeth decay and/or have white spots on their teeth.

With the Icon technology, Dr. Vita can stop the progression of an early cavity without using a drill or needle. This revolutionary treatment preserves healthy tooth structure and extends the life expectance of the natural tooth.

Icon dental treatment is minimally invasive and helps to reinforce the tooth enamel and reduce the appearance of white stains on teeth. Icon treatment is called drill less filling, because no drilling tools are needed to apply a reinforcing resin to the tooth and prevent further tooth decay.

First, Dr. Vita cleans and rinses the affected teeth and applies the Icon-Etch, a hydrochloric acid, which is left on for approximately 2 minutes. Next, the etching material is removed, the tooth is rinsed and dried. Dr. Vita applies a special Icon-Infiltrant solution to the tooth, allowing it to set before curing it with a special light. A second layer may be applied for desired results. The tooth is polished to a smooth luster.

The Icon dental treatment results in a significant reduction in the appearance of white spots on teeth. Icon dental treatment also stops the demineralization of tooth enamel and arrests the formation of cavities.

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